Central Plumas Recreation & Park District
Save The Pool
Central Plumas Recreation and Park District is running a campaign to SAVE THE POOL!!  With the help of a local committee, CPRPD is looking to raise $250,000 to replace the stones, the tiles, and the pool's fiberglass shell.  This will be no small task.  The last time the shell was replaced was in the early '90s with an average life span of 25 years.  The District has been seeing signs of deterioration for a few years now and is planning ahead to be raising money over the next several years for when the time comes to replace its community pool.   Many years ago it took a community to build the pool, 25 years ago it took a community to resurface a pool, and today we call on that same sense of community to do it again!  The Pioneer Pool has been at the heart of the community since its inception in the early '70s.  Home of the Quincy Rapids Swim Team, Summer recreational swimming, and family time at the pool, the Pioneer Pool has long held its place among Summer activities in our small town.
Donation tiers:
Dolphin $250 - $499
Great White $500 - $999
Whale $1000 and up
Whale donations will get their name engraved on the Pioneer Pool Monument Stone.
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